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Steedos Workflow Help

Steedos Workflow is a business process management (BPM) system that can easily build and run business processes, including travel application, travel reimbursement, asking for leave, procurement, payment application, disposal of scrapped fixed assets, meeting room reservation, customer complaints, work reports, etc.

Steedos Workflow Features#

  • Standardize business scope. You can create your strictly executable e-process with your rules and regulations , and the employees have to work within the rules and regulations;

  • Make fewer errors and mistakes. It can automatically calculate and summarize data, and generate a report at the end of a month, thus avoiding errors and mistakes in calculation and writing;

  • Improve work efficiency. If there is an application to be approved by you , you will immediately receive an instant message on your mobile phone, thus enhancing the operational efficiency of business processes;

  • Search for records anytime. Steedos Workflow can permanently save your application forms ,so you can get access to your records anytime.

  • Reduce communication cost. It can liberate both the employees and leaderships from various signatures, thus reducing the use of paper and phone calls, etc.

  • Get access to your business anytime and anywhere. With the system, you can query and dispose your business just using your mobile phone.

Steedos is a cloud_based enterprise application software, similar to an enterprise mailbox. With no need for a server of your own, you can use Steedos by opening the explorer. Before running the software to go through the approval process, you need to take the steps as follows: Create a Steedos account; Create an enterprise workspace; Invite your colleagues to the workspace you created.

Steedos API#

With Steedos API

  • Enterprise data can synchronize with your Steedos account.
  • Backlog items in Steedos Workflow can be visible in corporate portal.
  • Requests in corporate business system can transfer to Steedos Workflow and can be approved in it.


Users in Professional version of Steedos Workflow cannot get access to Steedos API.



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